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Reviews by Clear Englebert
(Magazine), - Feng Shui for Modern Living
Ashworth, Richard - Feng Shui Diaries
Bartlett, Sarah - Feng Shui for Entertaining
Bartlett, Sarah - Feng Shui for Lovers
Beattie, Antonia - Feng Shui Garden Design: Creating Serenity
Brown, Simon - Feng Shui Bible
Brown, Simon - Feng Shui for Wimps
Brown, Simon - Feng Shui in a Weekend: Transform Your Life and Home in a Weekend or Less
Brown, Simon - Practical Feng Shui
Brown, Simon - Principles of Feng Shui
Bruce, Ian - Plan Your Home with Feng Shui
Craze, Richard - Feng Shui Book & Card Pack
Craze, Richard - Feng Shui: A Complete Guide
Craze, Richard - Practical Feng Shui
Fairchild, Dennis - Healing Homes: Feng Shui - Here and Now
Gerecht, Hope - Healing Design: Practical Feng Shui for Healthy and Gracious Living
Heiss, Renee - Feng Shui for the Classroom: 101 Easy-to-Use Ideas
Henwood, Belinda & Choy, Howard - Feng Shui: How to Create Harmony and Balance in Your Living and Working Environment
Lagatree, Kirsten - Feng Shui: Arranging Your Home to Change Your Life
Lam, Kam Chuen - Personal Feng Shui Manual: How to Develop a Healthy and Harmonious Lifestyle
Lambert, Mary - Clearing the Clutter for Good Feng Shui
Lambert, Mary - Feng Shui Guide to Harmonious Living: 101 Ways to Clear Life's Clutter
Lip, Evelyn - Design and Feng Shui: Logos, Trademarks and Signboards
Lip, Evelyn - Feng Shui for the Home
Lip, Evelyn - Feng Shui: A Layman's Guide to Chinese Geomancy
Rew, Terri - Feng Shui Today
Russell, Jo - Feng Shui Flowers
Sandifer, Jon - Feng Shui Journey
Santos, Daniel - Feng Shui for the Body
Sharp, Damian - Simple Feng Shui
Simmons, April - Feng Shui (Life Basics series)
Skinner, Stephen & Lambert, Mary - Feng Shui for Modern Living
Tin, Li Pak & Yeap, Helen - Feng Shui: Secrets That Change Your Life
Too, Lillian - Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui
Too, Lillian - Feng Shui Fundamentals: Eight Easy Lessons
Too, Lillian - Feng Shui Life Planner
Too, Lillian - Lillian Too's Chinese Wisdom: Spiritual Magic for Everyday Living
Too, Lillian & Too, Jennifer - Lillian Too's Feng Shui Success Secrets: Questions and Answers from Aunt Agga
Webster, Richard - 101 Feng Shui Tips for the Home
Webster, Richard - Feng Shui for Apartment Living
Webster, Richard - Feng Shui for Beginners: Successful Living by Design
Webster, Richard - Feng Shui for Love & Romance
Webster, Richard - Feng Shui for Success & Happiness
Webster, Richard - Feng Shui for the Workplace
Wong, Angi Ma - Feng Shui Dos and Taboos
Wong, Angi Ma - Feng Shui Dos and Taboos for Financial Success
Wong, Angi Ma - Feng Shui Dos and Taboos for Love
Wu Ying - Do-it-yourself Feng Shui