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Suzanne White - Chinese Astrology: Plain and Simple

There is one chapter per sign, and a chapter at the end telling how each sign will fare during a particular year. The chapters on the individual signs begin with a large section on people she has known. Then there is a section on women and a section on men. Next is a section called "co-signs" which has the Chinese sign paired with each of the twelve western signs. Then there's a chatty section of advice followed by a compatibilities section divided into romantic, social, and business.

The book is crowded with anecdotes about people the author knows who are behaving in ways that are stereotypical of their astrological sign. For my taste, this just makes the book more wordy and less useful. It also makes me less prone to reread the chapters.

The Chinese calendar at the beginning goes through 2031, but is fraught with typos, the worst of which is in 2015 (enough time for some editor to catch it) where eight days are left in limbo. The 10 Feb. should read 19 Feb.

Tuttle, Rutland, VT, 1976, 1998, (802) 773-8930, 0-8048-3188-2, 387 pages, paperback, $12.95

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