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Richard Craze - Practical Feng Shui

This book has the vibe of a long article that's been fleshed out with lots of color photos. Part of what gives it that vibe is that some of the photos are used more than once (p. 3 and p. 10, p.1 and p.26) Also, the items in some of the photos seem very much like props, giving the scene a calculated but unlived-in look. Some of the props even appear in various pictures throughout the book (the fishing nets in certain photos.)

The info itself is lucidly presented — understandable for anyone. The part of the book that won my heart the most was the section on trees. "Old trees...should never be removed - they've been there longer than you, and their Chi is powerful - don't interfere with it." "Try to avoid changing the natural shape of any tree - it should be left to spread naturally." Visionary words if ever I heard them.

Lorenz Books, New York, 1997, 1-85967-510-7,64 pages, color photos, hardback $9.95

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