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Simon Brown - Practical Feng Shui

This is absolutely one of the finest feng shui books ever written. I've gone to many clients' homes and seen that they already had a copy of this book, and they always praise it highly.

The colorful illustrations and dynamic layout will appeal to everyone and it makes an excellent gift. The beginner will not get lost or bogged down, and the more advanced feng shui reader will appreciate how incredibly much is packed into this powerful book. If you own Practical Feng Shui it will probably be one of your most referred-to feng shui books. I recommend this book for everyone.

All aspects of compass feng shui are explained and illustrated. Simon Brown explains more stuff, more understandably, than I've seen in any other author (including Lillian Too.) This book is modern! It obviously had an incredible production team. The charts and illustrations are the best I've seen.

His bagua map makes it very clear that the cardinal direction guas are smaller than the (so-called) corner guas. There are sections on color, plants, exterior influences, directionology, and much more, including nine-ki astrology. We are shown how to furnish and strengthen each room using colors, fabrics, mirrors, lighting, artwork, and other decorative elements. We also learn to arrange the seating in the living room to promote family harmony and sociability, as well as selecting table settings to improve meal times. Brown even tells how to situate your bed to enhance communication skills, cure insomnia, or heighten romance.

If you intend to build a house this book is a must. Brown shows ideal rooms and floor plans, and carefully explains why they are ideal. He's not afraid to use plants with pointed leaves where they are appropriate.

Here are a couple of quotes from the book. Under Window Treatment for the ideal living room, he says, "Fabrics help slow chi energy, which is relaxing and appropriate to a living room. But curtains should not be too full here, as this risks stagnation." His recommended window treatment for ideal bedrooms is, "Keep them tightly closed when you sleep, especially if the window is open."

Even if you are not drawn to the use of the compass, you will still find many basic concepts better explained and illustrated in this book than elsewhere. It's a great book!

Ward Lock (London), Sterling Publishing Company (New York), 1997, 0-7063-7634-x, 160 pages, color drawings and photographs, paperback, $19.95

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