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Gina Lazenby - Simple Feng Shui

Many feng shui books are being created for the gift market. This is apparently one of them. It is an abbreviated reworking of her rather expensive paperback Feng Shui House Book. Same beautiful pictures, same words, excellent price, and a nice compact format.

After explaining the bagua Lazenby goes through the house room by room with specific advice. Each photograph is accompanied by the most extensive commentary of any feng shui author. (Other authors should take note---pictures without adequate commentary can be very misleading and are not a service to the reader.)

The sweet little size (almost 7 inches square) is one of the reasons that I often carry this book with me to my consultations. The other reason is that it's just such a fine book! I stick it in front of my clients and say, "This is the one to read!" I offer the same advice to you.

Click on my review of Feng Shui House Book to read more praise for this great author. I truly think that Gina Lazenby is one of the most eloquent feng shui writers.

Watson Guptill, New York City, (800) 451-1741, 0-8230-4835-7, 96 pages, color photos and drawings, hardback, $12.95

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