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Jeff Campbell - Speed Cleaning

Cleaning is as essential to feng shui as breathing is to life. This is by far the best book on cleaning ever published. It should be taught in schools, because sooner or later everybody's gotta do some cleaning -- may as well be smart about it. As in feng shui, this book isn't afraid to state the obvious. Some rules are shockingly simple, as in, "work from top to bottom," "if it isn't dirty, don't clean it," "pay attention," but when applied together, they make for fast, excellent cleaning. Jeff Campbell is God, and this book is the Bible! All Jeff Campbell's books are great and are available through his company, The Clean Team, www.thecleanteam.com, 800-717-2532.

Dell, New York, 800-223-6834, 1987, 0-440-58015-3, 119 Pages, Drawings, paperback, 9.95

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