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Jeff Campbell - Spring Cleaning

Jeff Campbell's Speed Cleaning covers the weekly or (biweekly) basics and this subsequent book covers just about all the rest. The most important aspect of the books, as far as I'm concerned, is his instructions on window cleaning. Just about everybody has windows, and way too many of those windows are dirty-- most of the time. It is incredibly empowering to have the knowledge and skill to clean one's windows quickly and excellently. He gives step-by-step instructions for every conceivable kind of window. No paper towels, no newspapers, no blue chemical spray, and no streaks! A good squeegie is your friend.

Of course much more than windows is covered -- the real do's and don't of polishing metal, how to clean carpets, cleaning floors and walls and much more. I rarely have need to do some of the things this book covers (i.e. strip a floor) but should the need arise, I know I can count on Jeff Campbell to have done all the research for me. Even though he explains in detail how to wash a ceiling, his first advice is don't (unless you absolutely have to.) He is reasonable, readable, and wonderful. I recommend this book unreservedly. Every homeowner and probably every renter should have a copy of this fine book.

All Jeff Campbell's books are great and are available through his company, The Clean Team, www.thecleanteam.com, 800-717-2532.

Dell, New York, 1989, 0-440-50162-8, 191 pages, drawings, paperback, $9.95

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