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Odette Pollar - Take Back Your Life: Smart Ways to Simplify Daily Living

This book is a thoughtful cross between a self-help book and a time management/organizing book. She doesn't just walk you through the steps toward being organized, she peels apart the mindset that can get in the way. Some people overburden themselves with unnecessary obligations that they don?t know how to say "No" to. She explains how, when, and why to say "No."

Other issues which can lead to an overcrowded life are perfectionism, procrastination, and failure to delegate. She tackles these at home and in work situations. The section on organizing contains four chapters --- one solely devoted to moving (a time when organization is critical.)

Most likely there will be chapters which will speak more directly to your particular situation than others. As I read the book, I found myself thinking, "Yep, I always do that," and occasionally, "Well, I can see how that would be right for some people, but I'd never do it."

This book offers marvelous tips and action steps for slowing down our chronically overbusy, modern lives. Read it and smell the roses.

There is no index, and I feel that the book would have benefited by having one. More than once I've tried to refer back to a topic, and not been able to easily find it. A book about saving time should not have neglected this.

Pollar is the author of several books on organizing and simplifying your work life, and writes a syndicated column "Smart Ways to Work." She truly knows what she's talking about.

Conari Press, Berkeley, CA, 1999, www.conari.com, (800)685-9595, 1-57324-132-6, 156 pages, paperback, $12.95

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