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Susan Levitt & Jean Tang - Taoist Astrology: A Handbook of the Authentic Chinese Tradition

Feng shui evolved as a Taoist art, hand-in-hand with Taoist astrology and numerology. This book does not bog the reader down with numerous charts. The authors explain yin and yang and the elements, and from that basis go into each of the twelve animal signs. So many Chinese astrology books say something like, "Tiger doesn't get along with Monkey," but never explain why. This book explains why. The explanations are especially valuable to those interested in feng shui. The exact same principles apply.

The book seems to beg comparison with Theodora Lau's great classic, Handbook of Chinese Astrology. I have treasured Lau's book for decades, but Levitt and Tang have simply set a new standard. Like Lau they explain what to expect during a particular year, personality traits of individual signs, how the signs relate, and how each sign fares during each of the twelve years (in the cycle of years.) They also explain how the signs of parents and children interrelate, and how the elements and animal signs relate. In Taoist Astrology, the authors continually explain not just what, but also why. It is very readable and well-organized, and I highly recommend it.

Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT, www.innertraditions.com, 1997, 0-89281-606-6, 216 pages, drawings, paperback, $14.95

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