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Susan Levitt - Taoist Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Taoist art. The source of feng shui is intertwined with the I Ching and with Chinese astrology. Levitt is the author of Taoist Astrology. In her latest book, the chapter on astrology is called "Reckoning of Fate" and is the best of its kind in any book I've seen. This book is for everyone. Her writing is very clear and it has my highest recommendation.

This book provides the necessary background to appreciate how some of the very basic principles originated. The illustration on page 10 shows how the eight trigrams come from the basic straight yin and yang. The book even delivers a full I Ching. Quite empowering!

In no other book have I seen such detail about the sizes of crystal ball "cures." She tells what specific size to use in each situation where they are called for.

Whereas most books merely mention that there are two arrangements of the bagua (early heaven and later heaven,) Levitt explains that the early heaven sequence expressed the forces of nature without humanity's involvement. The later heaven sequence included humanity in the interaction. This sort of explanation provides a powerful background for the practical applications.

The illustrations in general are quite well conceived and executed. You will know how to practice Feng Shui once you've read this book. You will also have a deeper understanding of its Taoist roots.

Destiny Books (Inner Traditions), Rochester, VT, (800) 246-8648, www.InnerTraditions.com, 2000, 0-89281-723-2, 148 pages, drawings, paperback, $14.95.

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