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Mary Lambert - Clearing the Clutter for Good Feng Shui

Most of the book is devoted to chapters which cover individual rooms, including halls and attics. There is a chapter in the beginning that explains the Pa Kua (compass.) Since Karen Kingston's famous book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui is entrance-based, it's nice to see a clutter-clearing book for those who use the compass. There's a chapter at the end that deals with various feng shui cures such as mirrors, wind chimes, and crystals. Here the author recommends putting a mirror on a toilet door to make a toilet disappear. However, she neglects to say which side of the door the mirror should be on. I know she means the outside, but not everyone will figure that --- and if the mirror is on the inside, voila, you've got two toilets. A few more words here would have been helpful.

I very much like how she recommends moving items (books, boxes, etcetera) forward on shelves to eliminate the cutting energy of the shelf.

I have a very minor complaint: On page 69 she recommends that you sit facing the South while at your desk. She also recommends that you face the door. It would have been good to suggest alternatives, such as a mirror, to see the door.

Mary Lampert is the co-author with Stephen Skinner of the excellent book Feng Shui for Modern Living. Clearing the Clutter is quite a nice little book, and would make a fine gift.

Sterling Publishing Company, New York, www.sterlingpub.com, (800) 805-5489, 2001, 1-58663-029-6, 96 pages, color drawings and photographs, paperback, $12.95

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