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Alfred Byrd Graf - Tropica: Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Trees

If you are not familiar with this book --- meet a behemoth. Weighing in at a whopping ten pounds, this great classic is now in its fourth edition. The full subtitle is "Color Cyclopedia of Exotic Plants and Trees for Warm-Region Horticulture --- in Cool Climate the Summer Garden or Sheltered Indoors." It expresses the author's intention that these lovely plants be grown and appreciated by all, not just tropical dwellers.

The book has a mind-blowing seven thousand color photographs. Granted, they're not all the world's best quality photos, but they are really just fine. No other book comes close! The plants are classified by family, place of origin, climactic background, and scientific and common names.

Roehrs Company, East Rutherford, NJ, 1992, 1125 pages, hardback, a few drawings and 7000 color photographs, $169.95.

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