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Terah Kathryn Collins - Western Guide to Feng Shui

For an introduction to entrance-based bagua feng shui, this book has my highest recommendation. Collins' writing is lucid, making it very accessible for a beginner. There is much to recommend this fine book. Its size is paper-saving and convenient. The text is complete and well supplemented with truly excellent graphics. I've seen a lot of graphics that were bold and eye-catching (in other books) but which left me wondering what the writer intended. The drawings in the Western Guide to Feng Shui are well executed and well explained. Her chapters on individual guas include numerous suggestions for affirmations. That's something I would expect from a book published by Hay House, an on-the-mark new age publisher. They deserve praise and support for publishing this book.

Hay House, Carlsbad, California (800) 654-5126, 1996, 1-561-70-324-9, 197 pages, drawings, paperback, $12.95

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