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Terah Kathryn Collins - Western Guide to Feng Shui: Six-Tape Audio Tape Program and Workbook

I've listened to many feng shui tapes and this set is my favorite. Collins' voice is absolutely beautiful, and that's so important in an audiotape. The sound must draw you in, and that's exactly what happens here. The gentle brightness of her spirit shines through her voice. The information she presents is made more accessible through her voice --- quite an accomplishment.

The six-tape set comes with an informative sixteen-page booklet. This "workbook" is a golden nugget of concise feng shui principles --- a valuable addition to the tape set.

The tapes cover:

Tape 1 - Basic feng shui history and philosophy
Tape 2 - How to enhance chi (crystals, wind chimes, etcetera.)
Tape 3 - The five Elements --- a wonderful tape which will clarify what many beginners find quite confusing.
Tape 4 - The Bagua --- Here's where the workbook comes in so handy, so that you can actually see missing areas.
Tape 5 - A walk through your home room by room.
Tape 6 - Feng shui in the landscape.
No one can fail to understand feng shui after listening to these delightful tapes. A great gift, or gift for yourself.

Hay House, Carlsbad, California, (800) 654-5126,www.hayhouse.com, 1997, 1-56170-435-0, audiotapes, $59.95 (available through the publisher at a special $45.00 price.)

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