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Carole J. Hyder - Wind and Water: Your Personal Feng Shui Journey (audio)

If you have not read Wind and Water, by Carole Hyder, you should. If you don't have time to read it, but have time for audio listening, get this great tape set. Use the time while exercising, bathing, commuting, etcetera, to have continuing education in your life. The more you know about feng shui, the easier it is to achieve your life's goals. You are simply more aware of "obstacles" in your environment. One of the great things about audiotapes is that they can be played over and over again until you absorb the information by osmosis. I am a strong advocate of continued learning, and audio (and video) tapes are smart learning tools.

Carole Hyder's voice is gentle and convincing. Her teaching on clutter is extremely valuable. This tape will inspire you to take decluttering to deeper levels. Her advice on stuffed animals in adult bedrooms is direct --- don't have them.

This is a four-tape set. "Basic Introduction," "Clutter, Bedrooms, and Beds, Bathrooms and Kitchens," "Health, Money, Relationships, and Creating a Sanctuary," "More Kitchens, Selling Your Home, Front Doors and Entries, and Your Office." There are many feng shui tapes available --- I consider this set to be one of the finest.

The Crossing Press, Santa Cruz, CA, www.crossingpress.com, (800) 777-1048, 1999, 1-58091-072-6, four tapes, $29.95.

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