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Carole J. Hyder - Wind and Water: Your Personal Feng Shui Journey

This is quite a stylee book! It has much to recommend it. The convenient square size fits exactly into a ziplock sandwich bag so that I could take it with me and not mess up the gorgeous cover. Everyone that I have shown the book to immediately wants to hold it. The cover is a matte black with a bagua in black varnish, and comes with a matching bookmark. ( Publishers who provide bookmarks with their books are rare. It immediately clues you in to quality. The book has great substance and deserves to be respected and much read. In addition to being cute, the bookmark will extend the life of the book.)

Wind and Water is very much a "carry around with you" kind of book. You almost feel as though you are reading aphorisms or daily reminders. No section is more than one page long and they are chock full of introspective knowledge. I believe Hyder's approach will allow the reader to understand more deeply what feng shui changes are all about. Her writing is powerful and so are the results of feng shui.

To give you an idea of what I mean by "introspective knowledge," --- here are some of the chapter headings, which are referred to as "Points of Focus." "Inner strength," "Clarity," "Honoring yourself," and "Inner wisdom." I heartily recommend this book to everyone, beginners and experienced. A truly superb gift!

The Crossing Press, (800-777-1048), www.crossingpress.com, Freedom, CA, 1998,1-58091-050-5, 257 pages, drawings, paperback, 19.95

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