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Steven Frowine - Miniature Orchids
Steven Frowine’s book Miniature Orchids is an unparalleled resource on these plant gems. The only previous book that I know of on the subject is Miniature Orchids  by McQueen, which was published in Australia in 1992. The McQueen book is a bit more chatty, but the picture are smaller and less vivid, and only cover species, whereas the Frowine book covers species and hybrids.

In Frowine's book there are three hundred orchids profiled with enticing color photographs, and another 200 mini-orchids listed by key characteristics, such as temperature or ease of culture. Frowine characterizes these small orchids as miniature (up to three inches not including the flower spike), dwarf (up to eight inches), and compact (up to twelve inches.) There’s a pronunciation guide first thing after each entry which tends to make me love a book. I would never ever be able to get these pronunciations right without it. It's a sign that the book was truly thoughtfully put together. There's even a list of fragrant mini-orchids and an annotated source list. It's an extremely comprehensive book. Frowine’s last book, “Fragrant Orchids”, was one of the best books I’ve seen, completely filling a gaping niche in orchid literature.

Timber Press, 800-327-5680, www.timberpress.com, Portland, Oregon, 2007, 978-0-88192-836-5, 264 pages, color photographs, hardback, $29.95
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