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Craig Elevitch - Pathways to Abundant Gardens: A Pictorial Guide to Successful Organic Gardening
This colorful book exudes joy. The back cover has the happy faces of four of Kona’s finest home gardeners. The book is chock-full of exuberant and inspirational color photographs, and quotes from experienced Hawaii gardeners. The gardeners are mostly from the Big Island, and many are from Kona. Food gardens are beautiful, and gardeners are usually happy people – there’s an inherent optimism in planting seeds and watching food appear. This cheerfulness is available to anyone willing to turn off the TV and get their hands dirty. There is a well-chosen resource list at the end of each chapter. The chapters cover everything from “Getting Started” to “Selling Your Produce,” with much in between, including “Soil Fertility” and “Practical Tips.” Even a casual browser will begin to absorb the basic principles of organic gardening. One gardener says, “Because we have a great amount of plant diversity, we have very few pest problems.” Another wisely notes, “When you grow something and eat it fresh from the garden, there is lots more nutritional and energetic value in it than from food transported long distances. The difference might not be measurable with instruments, but you can definitely sense it.”

Permanent Agriculture Resources, 808-324-4427, www.agroforestry.net, Holualoa, Hawaii, 2007,
978-0-9702544-7-4, 114 pages, color photographs, paperback, $15.00
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