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David Leaser - Growing Palm Trees in Hawaii and Other Tropical Climates
This is a very excellent little book with over 80 species covered (including 7 loulu), each having a full page of picture and text. The dramatic color photographs provide ideas for landscape use, and there is information on planting, transplanting, pests and diseases, and growing palms. The book does not try to be comprehensive, for instance in the section on "Digging and Moving Palms" no mention is made of the special care required by Rhapis, cutting a root sucker one year and moving it the next year. The author wisely note that the advice is for "most" palms, and he does give special advice for Sabal, Bismark, and Roystonea. All and all this is a very careful book and one that is much needed. I'm glad that the subtitle includes "other tropical climates." I hope this useful book finds a very wide audience throughout the tropical world.

Even though some of the photographs are the same as in Leaser's last book, Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs, this book is less than half the price and is much handier for carrying around. They are two very different books and I hardily recommend them both, and anything by this fine author.

Mutual Publishing, 808-732-1709, www.mutualpublishing.com, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2007, 978-1-56647-825-0, 128 pages, color photographs, paperback, $12.95
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