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Christine Bradler & Joachim Scheimer - Feng Shui Symbols: A User's Handbook
This is a careful and interesting book; one that has information that you won't find elsewhere. In my classes I often describe feng shui as a language of symbols. There are almost 100 symbols in alphabetical order from aquarium to yin/yang. Lillian Too also has a book out on symbols, but they are strictly Chinese. This book is much more useful for those of us outside of China. It has Eastern and Western symbols, and a nice economical format. I appreciate a book that doesn't just throw in lots of color photos just to jack up the price! I hardily recommend this book.

There are 34 power-packed pages of introduction before the 231 pages of symbols. I liked the illustrations; they do really show how to direct energy up a staircase using collapsible fans displayed on the wall. They also show (brilliantly) how the 4 Heavenly Animals apply within a room. Although the book is simply written it is not necessarily just for beginners.

It was originally published in Germany in 1999.

Sterling Publishing, 800-805-5489, www.sterlingpub.com, New York City, 2001 (English translation), 0-80969-7153-3, 272 pages, black-and-white drawings, paperback, $13.95
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