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Elliot Jay Tanzer - Feng Shui Secrets

This book is a hidden gem in feng shui literature. I've been recommending it for years. It was originally titled Choose the Best House for You and came out in 2003, and in 2008. I recommended it on page 135 of Feng Shui for Hawaii, in a short list of eleven books. The third edition of Feng Shui Secrets should put it in the much wider circulation that it deserves, because you'll be able to go to most bookstores and order it---if they don't already have it. If your local bookstore doesn't have this book, tell them they should. I'm serious---that actually works---I know because I used to be a bookseller and real bookstores listen to their customers.

Here's what's good about this book (and it's a book for everyone, regardless of whether or not you're moving) :

• It's comprehensive.

• It's understandable. The drawings are lucid and there are plenty of them.

• Best of all, Tanzer is a real consultant. So many people who write feng shui books have never consulted one day in their lives. That makes a huge difference in a feng shui book. This books has solutions galore, and then even more. That's what you get from a real consultant---someone who understands that each situation is unique, and one solution doesn't fit all.

• There's even more. Tanzer is also the author of Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps: Your Step by Step Guide. What an excellent adjunct to feng shui!

His website is elliottanzer.com

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