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Renee Heiss - Feng Shui for the Classroom: 101 Easy-to-Use Ideas

There aren't many books on this subject, and this is definitely the best of what I've seen. However, she suggests placing the students' desks according to their best directions, and that's not going to work in a lot of school districts. The kids may go for it, but I could easily see the parents objecting. (I'm originally from Alabama, where I'm positive there would be problems with using astrology to locate desks.) She does mention what she calls the "Western method" where the bagua is based on the door, but her explanation is a bit awkward. If I didn't already know what she was talking about, I'm not sure I'd get it. She does a fine job with discussing clutter, which is a huge problem in many classrooms. (I live in Hawaii now, and many of the classrooms here are wildly cluttered. Both of my parents were teachers, and clutter did not exist in their classrooms.) Her explanation of elemental cycles is quite good.

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