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Richard Ashworth - Feng Shui Diaries

Ashworth is a feng shui consultant in England who apparently has many celebrity clients. This is the diary of his life and practice during 2005, including a trip to China.

Even though it's not intended to be an instructional book, there are many good tidbits of information in here. It's somewhat irritating to ferret out those good tidbits because the book doesn't have an index and it also seems to have lacked a proofreader or an editor. A proofreader would have caught the typos, repetition, random capitalization, and lack of consistency. Hopefully a good editor would have curbed Ashworth's tendency to write a sentence fragment, put a period after it, and call it a sentence. It may be fun to write that way, but it's jerky and aggravating to read. (That's what a long dash is for, to incorporate sentence fragments in a graceful, easy-to-read way.) Also, some pages have four different type fonts, which is chaotic.

These are diaries, so they are personal, and the author often comes across as arrogant and egotistical. He seems to be claiming credit for inventing the phrase "woo-woo" but it's hard to tell because he's vague about it. (He's vague about a lot of things.) He puts the trademark symbol after woo-woo sometimes, but not always. One of the things that put me off was when he cited L. Ron Hubbard as one of the people he learned from.

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