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Penny Johnsen-Dare - Feng Shui: Love, Money, Health, Career

I'm not sure I have the subtitle correct, but that's my best guess. If you've seen this book, you may well ask why am I giving this 3 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch, stapled-together, little nothing pamphlet a 3-star review. Because it's honest! It does a great job of delivering some quite valuable tips and it only cost $1.19 (in 2000 when it first came out). I've seen plenty of $15 books that didn't have nearly as much information but had fancy (and useless) graphics. Often they're sold as gift books, but they're a waste of trees. This little book doesn't use much more of a tree than a toothpick. It's the kind of book that you'd see in a small rack by the cash register of a convenience store, but the book is right-on. It has substance, and truth, and it's well-organized. I didn't expect much when I first bought it, but I highly recommend it as a first introduction. It covers the bagua and then has chapters for color, love, health, wealth, and career---just like the cover says. It's unpretentious and refreshing.

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