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Clear Englebert - Feng Shui for Retail Stores

I began working in retail at age 15 and opened my first bookstore when I was 19. Retail is my enduring passion. Retail can change culture and I offer this book with that hope.

Feng Shui for Retail Stores is my fifth book. It is available as an ebook also. The book is the result of over four decades of retail management experience combined with two decades of professional feng shui experience. Store owners have immediately dubbed this books as, “A must-read for my staff.” This thorough book covers all aspects of retail: the location and exterior, the layout and visual presentation, selection and pricing of goods, employee and customer interaction, plus all the retail details that make the merchandise move. It is an essential book for owners, managers, and employees of retail stores. It has received lavish praise from many authorities:

“When it comes to getting the answers about how to set up your retail space for success, there’s no stone left unturned here. Consider buying this book very inexpensive ‘success insurance’ for your store.” —Karen Rauch Carter, author of the best-selling feng shui classic, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life.

“Business start-ups and veteran retailers alike can benefit from this essential training manual which deftly integrates feng shui principles with a treasure trove of sound business practices for retail success and prosperity.” —Angi Ma Wong, author of the best-seller, Feng Shui Dos and Taboos

“I highly recommend Feng Shui for Retail Stores because it's precise, detailed, and very specific. It offers realistic and practical advice and is not based on superstition, spells, or charms. Now everyone, for the absolute beginner to the seasoned feng shui practitioner, can learn all they need to know to run a successful retail business. Thank you, Clear, for another superb feng shui book.”  —Susan Levitt, author of Teen Feng Shui and Taoist Feng Shui.

“An excellent book to improve your own shop and enhance your expertise if you work in feng shui or any form of shop design. Clear takes the reader logically though every aspect of setting up a successful retail store. The book is well written and it is easy to follow the common sense, practical ideas. Clear covers many aspects of feng shui and mixes this with essential good business practice. The result is a book that is inspirational, motivating and reminds us of all the ways we can improve a retail space.” —Simon Brown, author of The Feng Shui Bible and Feng Shui Life Coach

“Once again Clear Englebert has approached his subject with the thoroughness readers have come to expect. Every detail from color of facade and position of signage to where to position the cash register and how to deal with electromagnetic radiation is covered. Even after 20 years of study, I always find something new for me to learn. Anyone with a retail business would be wise to read this book and apply Clear's sage advice without delay to ensure their endeavor will enjoy the greatest success.” —Elliot Tanzer, author of Feng Shui Secrets

“An essential guide for inviting profitable sales as well as building customer loyalty and brand recognition. Clear provides insight into the perfect balance of retail entertainment, employee presentation, and visual merchandising with lots of secrets for your store's success.” —Jami Lin, author of Color Alchemy and The Essence of Feng Shui

“This book is an excellent addition to your feng shui library of knowledge. Clear gives easy-to-use solutions for any type of retail and commercial situation. I highly recommend this valuable resource for your practice in bringing harmony and balance for our retail stores!” —Master R.D. Chin, feng shui architect, author of Feng Shui Revealed

“A comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to making a success of your retail business.” —Sarah Bartlett, author of Simply Feng Shui and Feng Shui for Lovers

Here's the Table of Contents for Feng Shui for Retail Stores
Getting the Yang of It    
   Retail Yin/Yang Chart    
Cures: Real and Symbolic    
Chapter 1   Name & Number    
   Street Address    
   Telephone Number    
Chapter 2    Location & Exterior   
Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)    
Exterior Color    
Front Door    
Windows & Awning    
Harsh Energy Nearby    
   Feng Shui Mirrors    
   Bagua Mirror    
   Yang Robustness    
Chapter 3    Greeting Chi Energy    
Store Hours    
First Impression    
Dress Code    
Customer Interaction    
The Word “No”    
The Telephone    
   Answering in Person    
   On Hold    
   Answering Machine    
Chapter 4    Money Changing Hands    
The Price    
The Product    
Advice to Buyers    
Chapter 5    Visual Presentation    
   Departments & Categories    
Display Areas    
Merchandise & Props    
Display Mirrors    
Spinning Racks    
Chapter 6     Layout    
Cash Wrap Areas    
   Sales Floor    
   Shape of sales floor    
   Floor level changes    
Free-standing support poles    
Bulletin Boards & Event Posters    
Toilet Location    
Chapter 7   Offices    
Electromagnetic Fields    
Chapter 8     Retail Details    
Accounting & Taxes    
Retail is Detail    
Shopping Baskets    
Lucky Cat Figurines    
Chapter 9     You & Your Home    
Your Home    
Center Bathroom    
Wealth Corner Bathroom    
Central Spiral Staircase    
Empowered Position for Bed    
Missing Back Corners    
Stairs in Line with Front Door    
Steep Downward Slope Behind Home    
Triangular Lot    
Tree in Line with Front Door    
Risers on Front Stairs    
Recommended Reading    
Feng Shui Books    
Office Feng Shui    
Retail Books    
Bagua mirror    
Chi energy    
Smudging (with Sage)    
Non-Retail Yin/Yang Chart    

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