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Simon Brown - Feng Shui Bible

At first glance this may look like a small-format rehash of Brown's other writings, but it is much more than that. There's plenty of new information in this brilliant book. Brown's writing is clear as usual, and the format is fresh and inviting. On page 88 is this gem, "Wind chimes are only active in terms of feng shui when they chime, so if they do not ring because they are above a door or out of the wind, you need to ring them yourself frequently." And certainly not every book tells you this (on the facing page), " you can confuse the flow of chi if you have more than one crystal in a room."

Some authors cannot bring themselves to discuss schools of feng shui other than what they practice without denigrating them (such as Kartar Diamond). Not so Simon Brown! He has four (lucid) pages discussing the various schools without saying anything derogatory about any of the schools. He's quite a gracious gentleman!

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