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Richard Webster - Feng Shui for the Workplace

Not recommended. He seriously suggests choosing your employment by which direction the company's door faces. This is feng shui that refuses to say hello to the real world. 

Within the space of one page we are given two different systems for figuring our "best direction." Each system uses our birthdate and each system delivers a different result. So what's the reader to do --- pick a system at random…? In this same area (pages51 through 53), there is another problem. We are only given the Gregorian calendar which doesn't correlate to the Chinese lunar calendar. At the end of the book is printed the actual Chinese calendar but that's not helping the folks who in the middle of the book working out their best direction. 

Llewellyn Publications, St. Paul, MN, (800) THE-MOON, 1998, 1-56718-808-7, 144 pages, drawings, paperback, $9.95

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