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Clear Englebert - Feng Shui for Real Estate

This book was written specifically for three kinds of people: those who are buying a home or property, those who are selling a home or property, and the agents who assist those people. The book is divided into those three sections.

The Buyer information is also useful for renters who are moving. The feng shui issues are in order of severity of the problem---the idea being that certain feng shui problems should be avoided altogether in a new home. There are symbolic remedies for most feng shui problems but if a problem is very severe, the remedies won't be as effective. Avoid buying those kinds of homes. After the worst problems are dealt with there are positive features to look for in a new home---things that help the residents achieve their goals. Every home is likely to be a feng shui "compromise" in one way or another, so symbolic remedies are given when problems are noted. There are several checklists for buyers and those can be downloaded to portable devices to be convenient during a walkthrough.

The Seller information involves staging from a feng shui perspective. The advice is sometimes extremely specific---such as: Don't have little decorative signs around your home when it's for sale. In every case the feng shui rationale is given---in this case, it's because only one thought should be going through the heads of potential buyers who are walking through the house: "Buy this house." If you have little decorative signs on display (no matter how affirmative the message), you are undermining your basic purpose of selling the home.

The Agent information is a crash course in using feng shui to achieve your goals with a minimum of obstacles, maintain harmony between all the people involved, and make way for prosperity.

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