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Kwok Man-ho & Joanne O'Brien - Elements of Feng Shui

A fine introduction to very traditional feng shui, containing a healthy smattering of anecdotal stories, both ancient and modern.
On page 3, trigrams are referred to as hexagrams. It's obviously just a slip, becauses they're referred to correctly on page 86.

The information on shapes of houses and properties is quite well-covered. It's only a few paragraphs, but should be ready by anyone buying or building a house.

The land-form drawings are standard, but nothing to rave about.

He makes a most important point on page 7, "Abiding by the guidelines of feng shui is an aid to successful life, but the most influential factor is personal conduct."

Element Books, Rockport, ME, 1991, 1-86204-032-x, 111 pages, drawings, paperpack, $9.95

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