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Katina Z. Jones - Everything Feng Shui Book

This is a good, whimsical introductory book — nothing very in-depth. Some of the suggestions seemed silly, such as arranging your yard sale by the bagua. In one section, the history of feng shui is traced, dynasty by dynasty. No dates are put next to the dynasties, making it much less helpful than it easily could have been.

I found bits of misinformation scattered here and there. Lillian Too is referred to as a feng shui consultant. Ms. Too does not call herself a consultant. She isn't — she's an author. She's never been a feng shui consultant and she freely admits it.

Jones suggests planting a line of pine trees in the front yard. If they are very miniature — taking a hundred years to reach five feet tall — no problem. But if they shoot up and have tall vertical trunks (like most pines) they should be in the back yard, not the front yard.

Adams Media, Cincinnati, OH, www.adamsmedia.com, May 2002, 1580625878, 289 pages, paperback

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