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Richard Craze - Feng Shui Book & Card Pack

The book starts out with 18 pages of basic compass feng shui principles, then there's 40 more pages devoted to explaining the individual cards. The cards are divided into four suits: Red Phoenix (South), White Tiger (West), Black Tortoise (North), and Green Dragon (East). Each suit has eight cards and they are rich in symbolic meaning.

This set was obviously designed with gift giving in mind, but I would hesitate to recommend it to beginners. Unless someone already has knowledge of compass feng shui the attention to detail could be very confusing. I've had clients stick this set in front of me and say, "Please explain this." Well, oh dear, that doesn't say much for it's lucidity.

Conari Press, Berkeley, CA, www.conari.com, (800) 685-9595, 1-57324-082-6, 63 pages plus 32 cards, color photos and drawings, hardback, $19.95

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