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Clear Englebert - Feng Shui Demystified: Revised Edition

Feng Shui Demystified CoverFeng Shui Demystified is available in a greatly revised, enlarged, and improved edition, and it is also available as an ebook. 2010 is the new publication year, so make sure your edition says that. The original 2000 edition had a single red door, the new edition has a double-door red gate. The book is quite packed with information---more potential problems and also more solutions. Having an choice of solutions lets you find the solution that feels strongest to you.

The new edition has a 33 item Checklist for Moving. It's meant to be photocopied and taken to potential new homes (whether renting or buying). During your initial walkthrough of the new space just fill out the checklist. If the checked item is a problem, look on the page that's referred to for the solutions and see if it seems acceptable and feasible. It is by far best not to get a home with severe feng shui problems, and the checklist alerts you to 7 circumstances when you should not get that home.

As I was first writing the book in 2000, the working title was Feng Shui Because It Works. I practice feng shui because I've seen it work, over and over again. I hear amazing stories back from my clients about transformed lives. You can actually set up your stuff so that you achieve your goals more easily.

The book does not dwell on the history of feng shui. There are plenty of books that cover that quite well. Instead, it jumps right in to how to do it effectively. The writing is concise and very understandable. When a problem is described, multiple solutions are always suggested. I realize that you can't just move if something is "wrong" about your home. I believe there's always a way to fix a bad situation (no matter how ornery,) and in a way that will fit with your décor. I have tried to be especially sensitive to renters who have even less control over their abode.

The book is written in plain English. "Chi" and "bagua" are about the only Chinese words in the book, and they are well explained. Clients have often told me that they found various feng shui books to be confusing (and to have conflicting information.) Feng Shui Demystified is one of the most understandable books written on feng shui. People who have read it tell me, "This is the first time it made sense." That's also what I hear from audiences at lectures.

Some of the topics covered are:
· How to minimize conflicts and arguments by avoiding the factors that signify their presence in your life.
· The many obstacles that prevent a person from reaching their highest potential -- and how to develop conscious awareness of the obstacles, minimize their effect, and remove them when possible.
· Learning to see the various architectural features and objects within a home as a feng shui consultant sees them -- and how their symbolism relates to their placement.
· The common problem of clutter, which can stagnate a person's life.
· Home offices, telling how to make this special room a true powerhouse.
· Plants, both outside in the garden and inside as houseplants.
· Nonresidential applications, such as offices, stores, and even cars.
· A full color bagua map quickly shows how to use color to your best advantage.

iUniverse,  978-1-4401-9804-5, 139 pages, drawings, paperback, $14.95

I have an Amazon link at the top of this page and use it if you like, but the thing I most appreciate is your ordering the book from an independent, locally-owned bookstore. If a store balks at ordering the book because the publisher is iUniverse (a print on demand company), please tell them this, "It's available from Ingram Distributing at a 40% discount and fully-returnable."

Reviewed on http://www.newvis.net
There are many books in the stores now about Feng Shui, all of which have value. But I particularly like this one because of its approach - it makes the concepts of Feng Shui more accessible to the Western lifestyle and approaches it in a more intuitive fashion. Clear has given us simple but thorough descriptions of the basics but also included such unusual things as waiting rooms (for professional offices), offices and vehicles - not things you normally find in a basic Feng Shui guide. A very useful reference.

Reviewed on http://www.magusbooks.com/main/newsletter/2.1/cat2.htm
A San Francisco-based Feng Shui consultant makes what is hard about Feng Shui easy, and what is difficult comprehensible. Englebert addresses concerns like doors, windows, beds and mirrors in your house, and goes so far as to analyze your car. Quick and comprehensive, this guide enables anyone to practice the art of Feng Shui for a more peaceful and harmonious home environment.

Reviewed in NAPRA Review
Everyone nowadays wants to use feng shui, but where to start? It is a huge topic, not easy to understand or apply, and there are various contradictory approaches. So, the word "demystified" is an attention-grabber. Do the contents deliver? Yes! For one thing, the explanations of the basic principles of chi and the bagua are well-written, with easy-to-read charts and illustrations. For another, the chapters are organized into bite-sized categories: The Exterior, Architectural Features, Furniture and Household Objects, Vehicles, etc., encouraging the beginner by tackling one area of life at a time. There is also specific information that will be useful to those who think they already know feng shui, such as the best business hours for retail stores, and the special needs of high-rise apartments. An excellent reference. NAPRA Review, Sept/Oct 2000, vol 11 no 5. www.napra.com

Reader's Comments:

"I bought your book, Feng Shui Demystified, and it's great. I have read a few different feng shui books, but yours is very easy to follow." - Victoria B. in St. Louis, MO

"Got the book. Devoured the book. Loved the book. It's clear, useful, and delightfully real. Every word is meaningful. The whole thing is rich and fun." - Rowena M. in New Mexico

"It was so nice to read a feng shui book that did not make my eyes glaze over. Feng Shui Demystified will be a guidebook that I refer to often when fine-tuning my home." - Carol K. in San Francisco

"Clear Englebert not only demystifies Feng Shui, he makes it fun! The section on clutter and the real problem with hanging on to things because they "may come in handy someday..." has helped me let go of several decades worth of accumulated essentials that await that handy moment in vain." - Lisa in San Francisco

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