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(Magazine), - Feng Shui for Modern Living

This ultra-glossy magazine could leave one with a feeling of indigestion from overconsumption. It is predominately compass-oriented. The full-page ads look like they stepped right out of the pages of Architectural Digest, and are often the antithesis of good feng shui. The articles frequently profile the astrological intimacies of people you couldn't care less about. I've know many people who've seen this magazine on a news rack and excitedly bought it, only to find themselves turned off by the pervading acquisition mentality.

I see this magazine as a triumph of style over substance.

Published monthly by Centennial Publishing, London, about 100 pages, color glossy magazine, $5.95 per issue. E-mail info@fengshui-magazine.com , website www.fengshui-magazine.com.

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