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Gerry Heaton - Feng Shui for Relationships

Many people (my publisher included) have asked me to write a book on feng shui and relationships. As I read through Feng Shui for Relationships by Heaton, I kept thinking, "This is the kind of book I would have written." It's uncomplicated, easy-to-read, and chock full of details. It's quite a feast in one small book. Heaton's writing is delightful and full of commonsense. He gives you a good feel for the whole of feng shui while concentrating on the Relationship Area of the bagua (the far right corner.)

In considering the actual size of the bagua for an entire home, he has an interesting approach. "…the total of the roof, including the verandah is taken as the overall shape of the house, not the external walls." (my italics) That's certainly a point of view we don't hear everyday.

Heaton has created a book with much substance and yet inviting for a quick browse. The book is brimming with tables describing situations and then classifying them as "good" or "not so good" (for relationship energy.) For instance if the Relationship Area of the home happens to be a "room that is left vacant or unused. This symbolizes the neglect of you talents and of your relationships."

One of Heaton's greatest services in writing this book is his insistence on the power of pink to stimulate good relationship energy. He acknowledges that many guys have a problem with this advice. His suggestion is to "add the merest touch of red to a huge can of white paint and the paint will take on a very, very subtle pink tinge. It can be so subtle that it would only be detected by placing pure white next to it. The effect, however, is quite amazing — the human eye can detect the subtle amount of warmth that is associated with love energy."

I've reviewed many books on feng shui and relationships (Lillian Too, Sarah Bartlett, Richard Webster…) but Heaton's book is far and away the best and most useful.

Hale & Iremonger, Alexandria, Australia, (available through Pacific Island Books, Thornton, Colorado, 1-888-49-BOOKS, www.pacificislandbooks.com), 1999, 0-86806-686-9, 159 pages, drawings, paperback, $17.00

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