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Evelyn Lip - Feng Shui for the Home

Back in 1986, when Dr. Lip (an architect) wrote this book, there was precious little information in English on feng shui. This book withstands the test of time. It remains a fine, readable book. The only (slight) problem that I can find is the site plan drawing on page 13. Her squiggly-line way of drawing land elevation is not terribly understandable. I believe I deciphered it, but then one of the (unfavorable) sites doesn't make sense. The site seems to be close to the sea, but below sea level – yes, that would be unfavorable, all right. The rest of the drawings in the book are quite clear.

She teaches very traditional Compass feng shui. The heads of the beds are placed according to the horoscopes of the users, regardless of whether or not they can see the door to the room.

Much of her teaching involves the Le Shu grid (to find qi areas). One of the uses of the grid is to place a building on a vacant piece of land. It's interesting to note that in all 72 possible grids, there is no qi area in the center. That seems to preclude locating a building in the center of the property, which is what many teachers suggest. Interesting…

She has excellent charts and drawings explaining the meanings of Chinese symbology (bats = luck, elephants = wisdom, etcetera.) Even though this is a short book, it is quite packed.

Heian International, Torrance, California, www.heian.com, 1986, 0-89346-327-2, 83 pages, color photographs and drawings, paperback, $9.95

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