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Simon Brown - Feng Shui for Wimps

Simon Brown is a brilliant writer. Period. This is one of those "made easy" kind of books with lots of color photos. He probably makes Compass Feng Shui about as simple as can be done. The part of this book that specifically concerns the Compass School is a mere 17 pages. The remainder of the book (106 more pages) is generally applicable to both Compass and Form Schools. It's not an in-depth book— both the title and the occasionally flippant photos convey that nicely. But as an introductory book that's digestible to anyone, it's excellent. It's even for readers who feel they are into more advanced feng shui books, because like I said, he's a brilliant writer. It's a quick read because of the size of the photos and his wise words are always welcome reminders.

His discussion of yin and yang on pages 20 and 21 are unique and easy to understand. He explains whether a person is naturally more yin or more yang. It's fascinating and left out of most introductory feng shui books.

There are 6 pages of clutter clearing information. He cuts to the quick of it with very apt advice and inspiring photos.

Sterling Publishing Company, New York, (800) 805-5489, 2002, 1-4027-0376-7, 127 pages (all in color), color photographs and drawings, paperback, $17.95

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