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Sarah Shurety - Feng Shui for Your Home

This book is extremely well-written, and the pictures and layout make the information quite understandable. She is one of the very few authors who includes a chapter on Directionology (finding out which direction is good to move toward in any given year.) Like all her chapters, it is well-explained and easy to use. The venerable publisher, Rider, is England's premier metaphysical publisher, and they do know how to do a book right. It is well-edited (no typos here) and it truly does its subject justice. The section on color is not overly long, but it is so power packed.

She has an interesting bit of advice on page 114: "Metal wind chimes should never be hung outside unless you have a very large plot of land, or they will attract negative energy. Wooden ones are much more auspicious outside." You certainly don't hear that in every book! Her section on shapes of headboards is very illuminating and, once again, not a common feature of most books.

Rider, London, 1997, 0-7126-7102-1, 140 pages, drawings and color photographs, hardback, $29.95.

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