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Gill Hale - Feng Shui Garden: Design Your Garden for Health, Wealth, and Happiness

There are over 300 books in English on feng shui, so naturally there are some specialized sub-groups. Gardening is probably the largest of these sub-groups. Even though there are a lot of feng shui gardening books most of them are not four-star by my rating. In fact this is the only four-star feng shui gardening book currently reviewed on this site. Seek no further! This book is tops! In every way it is the best: layout, illustrations, good for beginners and advanced, and the writing is superb. The author shows how to use the entrance-based bagua as well as compass school information. What more could you ask for?

Over and over I hear from clients that they've bought a feng shui gardening book but they don't really like it. Some books have a little about feng shui and a lot about just gardening in general. This book delivers good solid feng shui on every page. First she explains the basic principles (yin/yang, I Ching, bagua, five elements) then she shows how to actually create a feng shui garden. She starts with assessing the environment including wind, water, sunlight, boundaries, neighbors, and even clutter. There are wonderful sections on entrances and paths, buildings and other structures, garden furniture, statuary, window boxes (yeah!), and roof gardens and balconies. If you've got a yard and are interested in feng shui you are surely going to love this book. I realize that I run the risk of sounding like I'm going overboard, but this book is truly exceptional. The schematic drawings and color photographs are inspirational as well as instructional.

Storey Books, Pownal, VT, 800-441-5700, www.gardenersmarketplace.com, 1998, 1-58017-022-6, 128 pages, color drawings and photographs, paperback,$22.95

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