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Mary Lambert - Feng Shui Guide to Harmonious Living: 101 Ways to Clear Life's Clutter

The writing and the illustrations make this book flow well. Lambert is a delightful writer. Her advice is equally suitable to both schools of feng shui, Form and Compass. Her focus, as indicated by the subtitle, is on clutter. Clutter is something that just seems to walk in the door in some homes. It doesn't though, somebody's gotta carry it.

For those who do rituals, she's got some easy ones at the end of the book with such things as a money altar, a love altar, a baby altar, etc.

She does an in-depth job on the art of smudging. She cautions you about the glowing embers that can be emitted by a smudgestick. Yes, indeed folks, you can permanently damage gorgeous fabrics in a moment. Smudge with care (but do smudge when necessary.

Sterling Publishing Company, New York, (800) 805-5489, 2002, 1-58663-704-5, 96 pages (all in color), color photographs and drawings, paperback, $17.95

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