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Gina Lazenby - Feng Shui House Book

This book is great, as to be expected from such an eminent publisher. I recommend it wholeheartedly - it's worth the price. The pictures are more than lovely. They're coupled with extensive commentary and they're an education. She does what almost no other author does - she comments on everything in the picture. It's frustratingly common to find feng shui books illustrated with pictures full of poison-arrow beams, etc., and the author's only comment is on the color of the couch. This is such a disservice because readers can think that the beams (or dark ceiling fan, etc.) are somehow OK because nothing is said to the contrary. Ms. Lazenby does the opposite. She goes the extra mile by even pointing out what else could be done to improve the situation. Her writing is power-packed. She can say in one sentence what other authors require a paragraph for.

I found only a handful of very minor editing problems, such as: On page 51, a shelf mushroom is referred to as a shell (and, yeah, it looks a lot like a shell.) There are a few occasions when she comments on something that's obviously been cropped out of the picture - apparently not her fault at all (but should have been caught by an editor.) On page 60, she cautions against putting water features in the Wisdom and central Health areas, but leaves us scratching our heads as to why. This seems to be an exception - in all other cases she's quite thorough with explanations. On page 55, she says "Watch out for places where cats love to sleep, as they are attracted to geopathic stress.. If you move your bed but the cat chooses not move with you, then it is highly likely that you have some negatives energies. [sic]" Not only is that careless editing, but we're left wondering if it's you as a person that has negative energy, or someplace in your house.

All in all, the book is glorious and exciting. Even the structure of the chapters is a breath of fresh air.

Watson Guptill, New York, 1998, (800) 451-1741 (toll-free number works from most states), 0-8230-1654-4,160 pages, color photos, paperback $29.95

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