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William Spear - Feng Shui Made Easy: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement

This is definitely one of the better feng shui books. His explanation of the I Ching trigrams is both lucid and complete. He notes that some of the common names for certain guas (i.e. fame, wealth, and career) are inadequate, and offers illuminative alternatives. His common-sense attitute toward space-clearing on page 118 is totally refreshing and empowering. The section on plants is great. I especially liked his comment "artificial plants should be avoided unless there is absolutely no other alternative." On page 128 he recommends hanging a round silver ball in a window where cutting chi needs to be deflected. He further recommends that it be hung at an angle of 15 degrees without explanation or illustration of what he means by hanging a ball at 15 degrees. This tiny bit of unclarity is exceptional. Generally he has bent over backward to explain things well.

Harper, San Francisco,(800-331-3761), 1995, 0-06-251023-1, 210 pages, drawings, paperback, $15.00

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