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Belinda Henwood & Howard Choy - Feng Shui: How to Create Harmony and Balance in Your Living and Working Environment

This is a decent little book with perhaps a few problems. The explanations are sometimes unclear. On page 77 it is recommended that a bagua mirror be hung above a window through which destructive chi can come, but not everyone is going to figure to face the mirror outside. Page 63 talks about missing corners, with nary a word about how to fix the situation -- not too useful. Also on page 77 a mirror is recommended at the end of a long hallway. This is not the advice you'll hear from most teachers, because the mirror doubles the length of the hall.

I did like the information under "Looking for a Relationship." "If you are looking for a man, you need to make the left (as you are facing the front) or yang side of your home eye-catching... If you are looking for a woman, you would brighten up the right side."

Also since this is quite a small book, I was surprised to see the paragraph on furniture shape and size repeated almost word for word on page 17 and on page 24.

On page 15, the azure dragon is referred to as being on the left side of the house, but the drawing shows it on the right side as you are facing the front from the outside. Page 74 also refers to the dragon as being on the left side "as you are facing the front." On page 55, we are told to put "bamboo flutes at an angle to produce an octagon shape..." The illustration on this page shows a horizontal bamboo flute -- no angle, go figure.

The info on the mingua (magic square) is presented very understandably.

Storey Books, Pownal, VT, (800) 441-5700, www.storey.com, 1997, 1-58017-170-2, 79 pages, color drawings, hardback, $12.95

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