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Evelyn Lip - Feng Shui: A Layman's Guide to Chinese Geomancy

Back in '87, when this book was released in America, it was one of only a dozen or so books in English. I personally consider it a classic. It deals with very classical Chinese feng shui. Quite a few of the illustrations are from old Chinese sources. The pictures are great - four different luo pans (in color, no less) and many photos of the famous Hyatt Singapore. Also included are intriguing color pictures of intricate and intriguing Singapore temples. My Buddhist teacher once said, "the Chinese are not afraid of color." Although it covers a lot, I don't think of it as comprehensive. It does, however, whet one's appetite with tantalizing glimpses of traditional Chinese feng shui.

Heian International, Torrance, California, www.heian.com, 1987, 0-89346-286-1, 123 pages, drawings, color and b&w photographs, paperback, $10.95

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