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Li Pak Tin & Helen Yeap - Feng Shui: Secrets That Change Your Life

For decades I have seen the quality of books that come from Weiser. This venerable company is known for publishing books of enduring value. Nowhere else is the information on front door mats spelled out so eloquently. Another of the book's strengths is the explanation of convex outside mirrors, complete with drawings and photos. The book is empowering as few other books are - it provides clipart bagua mirror and Keiloons. The book aims to be a standard in the field, and sure enough it is.

The charts for ascertaining your personal direction are simple and easy to use. The book includes a hefty thirty-page chapter on "Houses in Relation to Roads," with over thirty illustrated examples. The problem situations are explained, and the corrections are usually quite simple and direct. Students take note, page 91 lists the best positions within your home for exam studying. Once again, very clearly done --- complete with illustration and example.

There is a small but wonderful section on pets, something you certainly don't find in every feng shui book. Here we learn that red is not good for a cat bed, and white is not good for a dog bed. Handy information!

I do wish that the authors had been more specific as to exactly when the years referred to in their charts begin and end. I feel sorry for people born in January and early February who read this book and assume that the authors are referring to the gregorian (western) calendar. Their calculations are going to be off by one year.

Weiser, York Beach, Maine, 1996, 1-57863-005-3, 170 pages, drawings, paperback, $11.95

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