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Sarah Rossbach - Feng Shui: The Chinese Art of Placement

I take my hat off to this book. Written in 1983, it was many people's first introduction to feng shui --- and a fine introduction it is. It holds up to the test of time. Rossbach is one of feng shui's finest writers, and she covers a lot of territory in this small book. The chapters include:

Chapter 1 - Explanation of Feng Shui
Chapter 2 - Origins
Chapter 3 - Rural
Chapter 4 - Townscape
Chapter 5 - Urban
Chapter 6 - Interior Architecture
Chapter 7 - Interior Furniture Arrangement
Chapter 8 - House Spirits
The book reads very well with many stories and examples that keep the reader's interest. She scarcely mentions the bagua, although she covers it in depth in subsequent books. Decades after its original publication, this book remains an excellent introduction to feng shui.

Penguin Books, New York City, www.penguinputnam.com, (800) 526-0275, 1983, 0-14-01-9353-7, 193 pages, black and white drawings, paperback, $13.95

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