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Clear Englebert - Bedroom Feng Shui

Cover: Bedroom Fung Shui The revised edition is vastly improved over the original edition. (And the ebook edition is only $3.99.) I've added what I've learned with 10 years more experience, and there are many new drawings and some helpful photos. It also has an excellent index.

Everyone has a bedroom, and it is the most important room because that's where a person spends at least a third of their life. Someone can make enormous changes in their life using only the energy of this one room. Bedroom Feng Shui takes the form of an extensive consultation, covering everything a person needs to know when applying feng shui to their bedroom. The location of the bedroom is important and so is the positioning of the bed. The various types of beds are evaluated, as well as other furniture. Every object that is commonly in bedrooms (clocks, rugs, lamps…) is carefully discussed. Chapters are devoted to special bedrooms such as children's rooms, studio apartments, and guestrooms. Even the bathroom is covered.

This book is for beginners as well as for those with more feng shui knowledge. If someone has studied feng shui, they are aware of the power of the bedroom, and will appreciate the attention to detail in this book.

Here's the Table of Contents to give you an idea of what's in it....

Chapter 1: The Importance of the Bedroom in Feng Shui

Chapter 2: Location of the Bedroom

Chapter 3: Location of the Bed

Chapter 4: The Bed as a Physical Object

Chapter 5: What Happens in a Bed

Chapter 6: Other Furniture

Chapter 7: Other Things to Consider in the Bedroom

Chapter 8: Lighting

Chapter 9: The Bagua

Chapter 10: The Shape of the Bedroom

Chapter 11: Closets

Chapter 12: Children’s Rooms

Chapter 13: Studio Apartments

Chapter 14: Guestrooms and Other Special Bedrooms

Chapter 15: Adjacent Bathrooms

Chapter 16: Implementation of What You’ve Learned

The original edition was published by The Crossing Press in October 2001. It sold 35,000 copies in that edition. The new, revised edition is from iUniverse and has black and white drawings and photos. It's in paperback for $13.95.

I have an Amazon link at the top of this page (the cover of the book) and use it if you like, but the thing I most appreciate is your ordering the book from an independent, locally-owned bookstore. If a store balks at ordering the book because the publisher is iUniverse (a print on demand company), please tell them this, "It's available from Ingram Distributing at a 40% discount and fully-returnable."


"I just wanted to tell you that I checked out your book Bedroom Feng Shui from our local library and just finished reading it. I have been practicing Feng Shui since 1993 and I will most certainly put Bed Room Feng Shui on my recommended reading list for all my clients and for my lectures at Sierra College design drafting classes. It was well written, easy to understand and very concise. I have read many books on feng shui principles and I really appreciate your writing this one. Thank you for writing such a good book!"

"In February I moved into a new place and somehow started getting into Feng Shui... with a vengeance. Online, in bookstores and even the public library. I had books sent from other branches of the library and when I started reading yours I really liked it because it was clear, concise and focused on only one room. Great book. Thank you."  Jenifer M.

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