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Jeff Campbell - Good as New

In Healing Design, Hope Gerecht writes, "When discussing feng shui, I immediately share three basic, and probably the most important, general rules: (1) have nothing broken in your home. (2) get rid of clutter, and (3) rid yourself of things you do not love." Note that the very first rule is about broken items. Jeff Campbell's latest book, Good as New, is very possibly the ultimate solution. One of the primary reasons that household items break or start to look bad is improper maintenance. The book covers every (non-structural) item within a home that is ever likely to require maintenance. Computers, fans, pillows, plants, videotapes, water heaters, lampshades, floors, books, you name it it's here.

Once again, Jeff Campbell has done the research for you. He has gotten his information from the most knowledgeable people --- repair people. He explains how to keep things looking like new and running like new. This book is a must-have.

Dell, New York, 1998, (800) 238-2996, www.thecleanteam.com, 0-440-50791-x, 227 pages, drawings, paperback, $9.95.

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