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Rayford Reddell & Robert Galyean - Growing Fragrant Plants

Fragrance gardening is my hobby and I have a pretty good knowledge of the literature. It is the case with fragrance gardening books that if the book has great text, it probably doesn't have pictures. And if a book has nice color pictures, it's usually skimpy on the text. This book is almost too good to be believed. It is large and filled with superb color photographs. The text is very thorough and it's obvious that the authors are writing from experience. This book is a must-have for fragrance gardeners.

The book is apparently out-of-print, but don't let that stop you for a minute. It is quickly available on inter-library loan. If you want to own a copy (you probably will) there are almost always copies available at www.abe.com (some of them at very reasonable prices).

Harper & Row, New York, New York, 176 pages, color photographs, hardback

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