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Ann McArdle - Harmonious Interiors

Harmony is a key ingredient in good feng shui. Yet the elements that create harmonious rooms elude may people. This book explains and shows it. Each chapter begins with several pages of important principles then proceeds to illustrate them with sumptuous photographs. This is definitely a book to learn from! The chapters are: In Search of Harmony: Designs That Rejuvenate, Harmony With Nature: Letting the Outside In, Harmony Throughout the Home: Rooms That Work in Concert, The Home Office: Balancing Work and Home, and Feng Shui: Ancient Remedies to Balance Your Life. The feng shui chapter has a full page color bagua (entrance-based.)

I beg to disagree with one small thing on page 121. A kitchen stove is shown with a large brushed stainless backsplash. The comment is that the reflective backsplash acts as a mirror to show the cook what's behind their back. In my experience brushed stainless is not reflective enough to serve as a mirror. And for it to look clean it has to be buffed, not just wiped - more trouble than I want.

The rest of the feng shui picture and words are very right on - with the exception of a few too many prominent glass tabletops and on page 123 a collection of wine bottles is pointing poison arrows directly at a dining chair. The feng shui books in the Resource section are very well chosen.

Rockport Publishers, www.rockpub.com, (800) 289-0963, Gloucester, MA, 2000, 1-56496-656-9, 144 pages, color photographs, paperback, $24.99

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