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Suzy Chiazzari - Healing Home

This beautiful book provides small chapters on many aspects of the home. There are chapters on: light, color, air quality, fragrance, the use of natural materials, and more. The chapter on feng shui is called "the Lucky Home" and begins with a sidebar telling the best directions for various rooms (west or northwest for a study, southeast for a bedroom, etc.) She doesn't go into the bagua and most of the information is useful to everyone, regardless of which method one uses to orient a bagua. The five elements and yin/yang are discussed earlier in the book and without a direct reference to feng shui. They are in a section called "Energy Conservation". Hummmm……

On page 39 she says that the best way to test for the presence of radon is to use a pendulum. I'm the type who would rather trust the kit that is available at any hardware store.

Chia is a skillful writer and has authored many books including Natural Healing With Color. The chapter on color is very complete and useful including colors for seniors.

The book has the feeling of a sampler - each chapter giving a taste of a subject. There is a resource list in the back which could be helpful in pursuing some of the subjects.

Trafalgar Square Publishing, North Pomfret, VT, (800) 423-4525, www.trafalgarsquarebooks.com, 2000, 1-57076-160-4, 128 pages, color photographs, paperback, $17.95

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